Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Au Revoir Blogger

After a few too many issues with this website over recent months and the ridiculous only showing one post of all the blogs I do follow I've decided to move:

My new blog

Everyone is welcome as before, it may take a little time to build it up but it's going to be an open blog that covers much more than I've done here.

As much as it still will be my family blog, it's also a bit more me and my life. As my kids are getting older and ready to go off to big schools, I'm not going to have quite so much to fill the pages with so there'll be recipes, diet updates, style. All things I've covered briefly in here but it's going to be more Becca than Becca's kids.

I hope to see some of you over there and you can still follow wordpress via blogger so you have no excuse. Ha.

I will still read the blogs on my list, have exported some of my faves to my wordpress feed and I will continue to comment when and where I can but even blogger has been playing up with that lately.

So it's far from goodbye, I'm just moving house.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Liam and I

Yesterday was Liams nursery sports day. He had a lot of fun taking part in the fun group activities. From dribbling a football and scoring a goal to throwing bean bags in hoops, doing a mini assualt course, walking along a balance beam carrying a beaker of water and riding balance bikes - Liam loved it all.

Liam does not like competitve sports. The kids did one race. Liam was looking to be last. He didn't like that so he saw me sitting on the side and came over failing to complete the race. :(

Yes, I am a mean mother for sharing that but it's all part of the growing up process. :) The tears soon dried up and he was awarded his medal for taking part. Each kid was called up individually to collect their reward. Liam was very proud of his and was soon back to his smiley little self.

After the tiring out sports morning in the 25oC heat - Our summer is certainly here - we headed off to the park for some fun and relaxation time.

Liam enjoyed the spinning cup thingy and was enjoying a little mummy and Liam time. I'm going to miss that boy so much when he's at full time school. As much as I've missed James and Matthew when they went off to "big school", I've still had another child at home. This will be it, this is my last baby off to school so I will have a lot of time by myself so I will feel it more.

Another lovely picture of Liam proving to me that the teachers' suggestion of him struggling with mobility and strength and balance is all a bit unfounded. The teachers spend too long comparing kids to their siblings and doesn't reward or notice their attributes like I think they should.

After that I had a rare appointment at my doctors surgery, I don't have them for myself very often but I am looking to change my contraception. The implant has done me well for nearly 2 years since March, since I entered "Phase 2" of the hormone release drug, I've gone from no periods to irregular bleeding. 2 heavy periods a month, a week on, week off is not my idea of fun in the slightest. I constantly feel crap and after allowing 3 months for it to even itself out, I've had enough. I wouldn't mind the normal "once a month" routine, I wouldn't even mind a day of spotting around ovulation time but I am bleeding heavily at both those times. It seems 6 days on, 6 days off so I'm spending half the month with Aunt Flo. I've been recommended the IUS regarding my age, health and the fact it lasts us to 5 years, can be removed at any time and will regulate my system as it looks like my best interest now would be to have the rod removed. The other option is to get hubby to be... ya know.... snipped... That's going to be an interesting conversation when it comes up but I certainly need the Implanon removed before it drives me crazy.

I've taken a big chance in the world and cancelled my Weight Watchers online subscription and I am joining Slimming World in it's place. Though I have lost around 50lbs, I'm now stuck and ready for a change of direction and trying new things. It works well for a lot of people so I'm open to new ideas. I start Monday and I will go to the meetings with my best friends so it's social as much as anything. So, as Meatloaf put it, Out of The Frying Pan and Into the Fire we go.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Not Stock (Ok, Just One)

This week has been a mix of weathers but mostly dry or drizzle. This has been good in a way as I've been participating in my new hobby of local photography.

I'm far from expert but I am amazed by how well the average little camera on a mobile phone can work these days. There is not so much need for the expensive camera and photo programs for the PC when you can get results from the touch of a finger so to speak.

Here I will talk you through a little of my locality as I know those on the other side of the Atlantic love a bit of British History.

Kentwell Hall.

 Situated at the top end of my village is the stately home of Kentwell Hall. The current builiding dates back to the 16th Century whilst there has been a stately home on these grounds for much much longer with Kentwell Hall being referenced in the Domesday Book - The charter of residence that was ordered for all of England by William the Conquerer. The records were completed in 1086 and there was proof of residency at this address back then.

 Like many a stately home, the grandeur begins with the  4m tall iron gates.

 Through the main gates, the house remains impressive, the front gardens kept to perfection even when the house is closed to the public.

This photo was taken from the local footpath that runs through the fields surrounding the house. My personal style of photography on such landmarks is the "off the beaton track" look. My "style" is not your typical "Sight seeing" views, it's the reality of the perfect with the non perfect. This is why I chose to get these photo's on a less than perfect sunny day, with drizzle and wind. I want to photograph the real, not a prospectus for a holiday destination this is why I included the nettles in the foreground and call it "The Ramblers View".

From a slightly different angle with the surrounding fences and the boundary wall just in view on the left, the house oozes history. In summer months, the house and gardens are open for school trips and to the public.

They do Tudor re-enactments throughout the year, the summer being the most popular. School children visit wearing suitable costumes for the era and staff re-create the life of the house's past (Not my photo as the left hand corner proves).The Dickensian Christmas theme is also a big hit.

My final photo, and my personal favourite of the house is with a few tweaks but once again, suggest the enormity of the house, this is just the left hand side quarters, With 3 double chimneys and alcoves visible, one of the turrets visible,  the house looks as though it would have done 400 years ago before the age of digital cameras.

Also, the little things in life we overlook but can be bought to life with photography. I found a chilli in my fridge that was rather special looking, so with a bolder colour scheme and a frame, I came up with this:

And just to finish, I am always on the lookout for beautiful wildlife and wild flowers. In the week that saw the 70th anniversary of D-Day marking the end of World War II, I cannot think of a more fitting photo to end and thank all those servicemen worldwide, whether they be "on our side" or not, but those who fought for their countries and families in hope of a better life. There are no winners in war, so let's remember all those who tried to protect those they loved:

Monday, 2 June 2014


Altogether now, Aaaaawwwwww!!!!

Doesn't it just make you want one? Don't ya just forget about the prior 9 months of discomfort, moods, pains, feeling fat and like a social outcast? Forget about the birth side of it etc, He's a gorgeous little thing*.

This is just how I felt on the return to school today after 2 weeks off to be greeted by not one newborn baby boy but FOUR. It's been a busy two weeks for the local mums. Two of them are mums at the nursery Liam goes to. One of which was the baby of my friend that had the eptopic pregnancy late last year. It turned out she was having non identical twins, one nearly killed her, the other became a one in a million baby that got through so much just to exist. I am SO thrilled for that little family. All I can say, without giving too much away is that that baby is named after a world famous boxer since he was a little fighter from the word go.

Then in James class there was another birthday last Tuesday. I was trying to leave school this morning (Just in case there's something in the air as well as the water), patted her on the shoulder as I was passing to say Congratulations, had a peep in the pram to see a little blue hat. "Awww, so it's a boy... he's lovely! Well done" I said - like you do, for her to say "2 boys!" On closer inspection, there laid another baby sleeping top to toe at the other end of the pram. It was the cutest and loveliest little surprise ever!

Another mum had her baby boy early May so that's 5 baby boys been born in May. It's mad. There appears to be no clearly pregnant mums about at the moment so it must be getting near time for 2015 baby announcements.

**Don't give me that look - wink wink**

So, what with that and online friends having baby news and things going on this week, what can I say other than yes, I am feeling it right now. And all these boys being born must up my chances for a girl next year eh? Only kidding, Never say Never is all I say.... As much as I think of the un-practicalness of it all, they are still lovely and though some days, months and schooldays are tough, a big part of me, a big CRAZY part of me WOULD do it all again.

*Photo from Google search. Not a baby I actually know. I liked it so borrowed it.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

30 Day Shred

Yes, I'm doing it.


I am doing the 30 Day Shred.

Yep, UK size 18-20 (US 14-16 - I need to live in your country!) can do Jillian Michaels regimes.

It hurts, it's tough but I am strangely enjoying it despite my thighs feeling the pressure. The common complaint on level one is the knees, my knees are fine but my thighs feel solid and like they are bearing the brunt.

It's also bought on a whole new level of appetite. I am so hungry the following morning! I snack on fruit all day, I feel really healthy. I've heard all that before about hunger being the sign of fat burning. That would be lovely. It's definitely a feeling in my tummy I'm not used to.

So, today is day 3. 10% of the way through. Tomorrow I will make 4 days and Saturday can be my rest day. I'm currently trying to work out when to get todays done. I got as far as the warm ups before the kids drove me to give up. Exericising in half term holidays is easier said than done. After 2 days though, I know the basics so I'm doing 20 jumping jacks every time I go in the kitchen. Every little helps. :)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

May - Pictures Tell A Million Stories

 1. May The 4th Be With You - Liam got enrolled in the Disney Shop as a Jedi Master.

2.Game Of Thrones Land On My Doorstep - 15 minutes walk from my home is a nature reserve. This is one of my favourite photo's I've ever taken. It looks so gentile and magical with the lake behind the clearing. 

 3. Same Nature Reserve - Matthew and Liam playing football. Liams smile says it all.

4. James New Bed - James has grown up far too quick. He's got a mid sleeper complete with storage. He loves Spiderman. The bottom drawer on the far right is where he keeps his Spiderman dress up suit. The wooden block above the cupboards pulls out as a desk.

5. Matthews first trip away from home and family. They went off on a camping trip with the school this week. Matthew is at the front of the coach in the yellow shirt. He looks so big in that view! He says he missed us and didn't really enjoy it.

6. We sneakily went away ourselves whilst Matthew was away so James enjoyed the sunny car journey.

7. We arrived to bright sunshine and scorching heat. It was a beautiful little day to get away.

8. Liam was excited to be there. Upon arrival we got a snack before heading off to the seaside.

 9. Liam LOVES the carousel horses. The look on his face with daddy is a picture.

 10. James prefers bigger rides. He's been on these planes so many times but this break was special as he now realises the planes are the same colour as Spiderman.

 11. Even Liam is big enough to go on some rides himself. He will only go on the train if he can sit in the front to ring the bell so we have to let one train go and he waits to be at the front of the queue to get his prized seat.

12. James chilling. Batman shirt. Spiderman shoes. Marvel rules the world.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lyrics of The Week

Real update coming soon but today I heard a song I love and the little things you never notice suddenly seem to jump out at you. 

"Wish that I could stay forever this young
Not afraid to close my eyes
Life's a game made for everyone
And love is a prize"

Aloe Blacc

Sometimes, we just need to enjoy the present and have  a little perspective when so much is going on in the world. Good and bad times fall upon us all, but you know, we only get one go at this life. We need to play it to have a chance of winning.

So, whilst I'm sure we all know the Avicii version and whilst Avicii is my favourite dance act in recent years, I think this version is that little bit more soulful and me!

Turn it up and have a happy Thursday!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

On We Go

Welcome to May, this year is zooming by.

All seems to be ok in the T residence as we just flit from appointment to appointment running back and forth for different things.

Hubby's diabetes is stable. His levels haven't changed for 2 years but the hospital still want him to bring his blood glucose levels below 7. He has been stalling at 7.5 which is still rather good but not in the hospital guidelines so a slight change of pattern is needed. He now injects insulin before meals and in different places to where he used to. He goes back in 3 months for a review.

Matthew is still struggling a little at school with organisation and concentration. I spent an hour in a meeting the other day and I am still no clearer on the next move with helping him. Matthew is a complex little character who does great for so long then he drops behind again and has to work hard at things again. It does all seem a bit pointless at times, THIS is what Matthew is and they seem to be trying to make him into someone and something else. The school "interest" just knocks his confidence more as he feels he can't live up to their expectations.

In a little over 2 weeks time, Matthew is off on a residential camping trip with the school for 4 nights. They are away Monday to Friday and he is so excited. We have his sleeping bag, ground sheet, torch etc. It's just a case of getting together all the clothes and wash bag. He can't wait to go.

James is doing ok. Coming up this week we see the occupational therapist. Someone who may be able to help him with making mundane jobs easier. Doing up buttons etc. He has come on so much in recent weeks and as much as I do admit I think we are making progress by these appointments, I also fear that it may be damaging his education. He is losing a day a month easily to get to these appointments. On Monday he had a 50mile round trip to a speech and language assessment meaning he missed all the afternoon then, and this OT appointment is at 12 so he could go to school for 2 hours and get back for the last hour. I keep telling myself it will benefit him but it feels like a waste of a day. His speech was doing ok, his understanding and reasoning perfect and quite above levels for his age. The lady said he was very forward and was held back a little by confidence of getting answers wrong and he doesn't like being noticed in a large crowd. He'd rather blend in. She also said the same thing I have been saying for months, part of his lisp and unclear wording comes from his missing tooth that is lodged in his gum due to an accident as a toddler. He cannot make the "Ffffff" noise as he can't do the bunny rabbit teeth they advise to learn it as he cannot push his tongue behind the teeth so it comes out "Sssssss" and the same with his "J" it comes out "Z" as his tongue doesn't quite reach that point it needs to. Overall, they aren't too concerned but are now in the process of getting him speech support within school.  SUCCESS! Still lots more to work on but that's one thing we won't have to travel to disrupting his learning.

Liam has now completed 2 weeks of one on one speech therapy. He is thriving on it. He loves the singular attention and is working on his "Ppppp" sounds to start. He is also being encouraged to use more words like "Is" "Was" etc as he tends to shorten his sentences. For example looking at pictures he'll describe one as "He clapping his hands" The speech therapist, school and I are working together to get the full description of "The boy is clapping his hands" just to make that sentence clear and complete. He's doing well.

On Tuesday he is off on his first official school trip. The nursery class are off to a local farm for the day. It's a slightly extended day lasting until 1pm instead of the usual 11.45am collection. He'll love it. He's always loved his animals. So with my boys all at school until later on Tuesday it's mums day in town to get her hair cut, do a little girly shopping, get Matthew his little bag for camping with all the male grooming bits he'll need. The shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodrant, maybe even a little hair gel for his disco night. Then I'm going to shamelessly buy myself a magazine and have a lazy half hour with a decent coffee in one of the town coffee shops and just enjoy a bit of solo time. Blissful. :)